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Delightful Summer Wines

John and I cannot think of anything better than sitting on the patio in July and sampling great inexpensive summer wines! John, my husband has a great talent for picking interesting wines. One of his and my favorite wines is Riesling from the Mosel. This wine is delightful and is made to enjoy alfresco. After working in the bistro all day, we will take to the back-bistro patio after closing time, and relax with a glass of light bright white wine.

#1 Verdiccio..savory, pleasant bitterness, oily and earthy and medium bodied.

#2 Bauer Riesling..floral, pear and apricot with petrol, brightly acidic with medium- full body... Beautiful Wine.

#3 Albariño.floral, whit flowers, citrus fruit with razor sharp acidity.

All these wines are under $20. and you can find these wines or similar wines at the Lewisburg Liquor Store. Make sure to ask for Drew.

Sampling wines is a wonderful way to spend a summer evening. Enjoy a great bottle of wine with family, friends and enhance your wine knowledge!

We honored to receive our18th Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2020!

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Ann Matey
Ann Matey
12 de jul. de 2020

Super cute picture of you guys!

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