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 True Neighborhood Bistro


farm to table

Eclectic New American Restaurant Lewisburg Pa 

 Seasonal& Fresh

Elizabeth’s creates innovative & contemporary American cuisine.  We use the freshest seasonal & local produce.  We keep health in mind, as well as artistic flare as we create dishes with passion & care as An American Restaurant serving farm to table. 

Pastas, artisan breads & desserts are made daily in-house. Coffee is roasted & delivered weekly by a local expert and owner of Bason Coffee Roasters. 


Fresh seasonal local ethnic healthy food is made to best serve our diners, we develop menus around seasonal & local products.  We have established an enduring relationship with our purveyors and farmers such as Landis Poultry, a local environmentally friendly farm, which has provided us with free-roaming chicken for over twenty years, Celeste Farms that provides beautiful fresh greens and delightful heirloom vegetables and herbs, along with Whispering Pines & Dries Orchard we gather incredible seasonal fruit, Wines from the Wine Spectator award wine list Bistro Herbs are grown on premise, along with our local butcher Fisher's Meats  & other seasonal farms.  We life in a wonderful community & wish to share that with you!                                                                                         

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Meals that are bold on good taste

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Choose your favorite foods from our divine menu

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A variety of exotic and

local wines

Our Food

From Farm to Table

Our restaurant for Eclectic New American cuisine in Lewisburg, PA, has a philosophy that states “Let the food speak for itself & enhance the natural flavors in each dish while staying true to its ethnic roots.” Our practice is to use the freshest seasonal, local, and organic produces. 

We keep in mind health and artistic flare as we create dishes with passion and care.


Our server provided us with very fine service and was very personable. He has served me before and like a good, classic actor he is consistent.

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Maryellen Hughes

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