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Best Restaurants In Lewisburg

This cheerful, yellow walled “American Bistro” has been a highlight of the Central PA food scene for 25 years. Mention Elizabeth’s and many locals, Bucknell students, faculty, and parents will declare it their favorite eatery in the area.

Chef Melissa Geinett creates seasonal dishes using the best produce and meats from local farms. She excels at everything from Brick Fired Pizza ($13), to Tempura Sushi Roll ($15). The most expensive dish on the menu – Grilled Beef Tenderloin ($37).

I ordered the “Egg Free Caesar Salad” – a perfectly dressed balance of tangy-crunchy freshness. The Summer Pasta, (1/2 portion $13 – plenty for me), was a delightful amalgam of Orecchiette – “little ears” – pasta, zucchini, and blistered tomatoes from Mifflinburg. I scarfed up every morsel.

Desert is a “whole thing,” said my adorable, attentive waitress, as she brought a tray of six options to the table (like the desert trays of old), all made by Elizabeth herself. It was tough to choose, but I settled on the Milk Chocolate Salted Tart. Like everything else here, it was a hit with my taste buds. I left nary a crumb on my plate.

Published by: The Get Away Mavens

Written by: Malerie Yolen-Cohen

August 2nd 2021

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